Can more than one person use the system?

Yes, you can have multiple users logged in at the same time. For example, the triage nurse and the charge nurse can both be assigning patients.

What if 2 users enter the same patient?

The system automatically looks for duplicates and will prompt you if it thinks a patient is being assigned twice.

Do I have to download any software?

No, the system is entirely web based. A browser is all that is required.

Does it work on mobile devices?

Yes, any smartphone or tablet with a browser can bring up a fully functional version of the system.

Does it require a specific Operating System?

It will work on Windows, iOS or Linux systems provided that they have a modern browser.

Is there a report generating function?

Yes, you can see reports of patients per hour or per shift as well as a daily census by the hour.

Is it HIPPA compliant?

Yes, the data is hosted on secure, state-of-the art Microsoft Azure cloud servers.

Do I have to request changes to the schedule/assignments?

No, you can change almost any relevant parameter in the control panel. The system is designed to be run hassle free once it is customized to your department.

We have a different schedule on weekends. Can the system accomodate that?

Yes. It allows for 2 independent schedules that can be used on different days of the week.